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The American School System

There’s no set system for the entirety of the United states, because of the fact that the states run the school systems. This creates variation between the state school systems, but overall they’re all really similar.

There are some variations in the years that children attend elementary school (primary), and then middle school/ Junior high and high school (secondary), but for the most part it’s pretty similar in structure.

Although the standards for many and most school systems have been dubbed outdated and old school at best, the standard for education has come a ways since it first started. That being said, the system and its standards are far from perfect, and have made learning for some students that much harder.

The standards for school systems are based on a system in which each year/ grade a student has to learn a certain amount of material to pass that grade. There’s very little leniency with this rule, because of the fact that a student cannot learn these things at their own pace, therefore putting pressure on students to perform.