Allied Powers VS Axis Powers in WW2


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WW2 was one of the world’s darkest times. Many think that it started in 1939 in Europe, when Germany (Third Reich) invaded Poland. Others think it began earlier in 1937 when Japanese Empire invaded China and Korea. This war was between over 80 countries (the main countries flags are pictured above) and over 100 million people. This total war had countries invested their economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort. There were total 50 to 85 Million fatalities. Which included Germany controlling europe and conducting genocide. Nuclear Weapons dropped on Japan and More.


Iwo Jima WWII

WWII was started when the Germans invaded Poland in 1939 starting this war in Europe. The Germans used the context that Poland had carried out secret espionage on Germany. Days later France, United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth declared war on Germany. The Soviet Union also took Poland. The Soviet Union was worried Germany would invade them, so Stalin and Hitler signed a treaty. Meanwhile on the Western Front in 1940, Germany invaded Norway and Denmark using the strategy of Blitzkrieg to invade them. Later on May 10 1940 the Germans invaded Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Also Dunkirk occured in this time when the Germans pushed the allies off the Continent. Now in 1941 the Germans attack the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front and they take a chuck of Russia. Meanwhile Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which woke the sleeping giant and was the beginning of the end. Then the German advancement halts in 1942-43. Then the Soviet’s start taking back land on the Eastern Front. In 1944 on June 9th D-Day happened and the Allies invaded Normandy to take back Europe and defeat the Germans.