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A picture of an astronaut.Astronauts, they can range from the team commander, a scientist, or even a pilot. Astronauts are required to have years of training. There are even educator astronauts, these astronauts leave the classroom and get on a shuttle for educational purposes. The astronaut corps represents all 50 states and has 300 former members. An astronaut has to be in the best shape possible, simply just being in space with no gravity, far away from home, in a crammed and isolated place. It causes astronauts to lose morale and gain stress. Space is unfriendly and unhospitable, making mistakes causes heavy repercussions. NASA learned a lot from the Space Shuttle program and they need that knowledge to go to Mars. They've lost lives, made mistakes, and achieved a lot. They have advanced in their technology to solve this issues. NASA has made better space suits, solved certain dangers. Changed their requirements to a higher standard.