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Companies all over the world have been integrating technology into their businesses for decades. Technology is great and enhances efficiency and speed, but they need to be developed, secured and managed. That is why the Information Technology, or “IT”, department of work was born to do these tasks. “IT” was created in 1940 and with new technologies being created everyday, jobs in the “IT” department have skyrocket and are in high demand for employees. Within the cluster of different roles in “IT”, there are the best and worst like in any department of the workplace.

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The best “IT” has to offer is listed here(in terms of money):

  1. Software Architect
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Devops Manager
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Java Developer

If you want to go in depth into these five, please continue to click the buttons at the up above to go to each job. These open jobs in the “IT” department aren’t going to be there forever. You must seize this opportunity before it's gone. If you do decide to use this information, enjoy the Information Technology department.

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