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A shot from the famous musical Phantom of the Opera

Since its invention, theater has been popular for its ability to bring the audience into the actors' worlds. Whether a heart-wrenching tragedy or a romance which leaves those watching breathless, it brings both observers and actors together through the vulnerability of their characters. Theater’s long history is full of change, both in content and location of its popularity. While modern performances are for entertainment, its roots are in religious ceremonies in Greece.

The stories told in musicals are often used to bring people of different generations together. This connection is forged through relatable characters and exciting plots. Some are even educational! For example, take the modern musicals Hairspray and Hamilton. The former tells of the struggles and successes of women fighting for their rights in the 1980s, while the latter is America’s history turned into a work younger audiences have fallen in love with. Some tell the newer generations of their ability to change the world for the better, where still others raise awareness for issues such as orientations and mental health which have been historically ignored. The variety present in their stories ensure everyone can find a story to identify with and enjoy.