Blowing Rocks

Rock structure Blowing Rocks is a nice, peaceful, barrier island sanctuary, which is well known for the large scale coastal habitat restoration. A number of endangered plants and animal live here and are happy to call Blowing Rocks their home. Some of the endangered animals that live here include loggerhead turtles, green and leatherback sea turtles, and the Florida manatee. There are also native habitats located here. Beach dunes, coastal strand, mangrove swamps, and tropical hardwood hammocks. These hammocks are flushed with red, black and white mangroves, gumbo limbo trees, sea grape, Jamaica caper, railroad vine, and so much more. Blowing Rocks is a very important sanctuary home to many major creatures.


Blowing rocks began in 1969, when residents of Jupiter Island donated 73 acres of their island to the Conservancy. The preserve runs for one mile from north to south. The conservatory had been restored but still reflects the historical aspect as it once did. There are also many activities to do at Blowing Rocks. You can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, observe rare birds, enjoy the exhibits at the Hawley Education Center, etc. There are many different things to do during the seasons. During winter osprey come down and parch on the tress. Warblers (a type of bird) migrate to the mild weather her in Jupiter. The coral bean plant produces its bright, red tubular flowers, while the wild poinsettia is also in bloom. During spring the rare necklace pod blooms, and the sunflowers show off their bright yellow blossoms. The butterflies come down the area also. In summer the sea turtles start to appear more. At night, the female turtles climb above the high tide line and dig holes with their flippers to lay their eggs in the nests. If you go to Blowing Rocks at night you may be able to witness this beautiful occurrence. In the mornings, turtle tracks are very visible and easy to follow. The rocks are great to snorkel and scuba dive by because the wild life during the summer is very good. You will be able to spot many fish and even turtles. In fall a variety of birds migrate through area. The sea grapes are fruiting and turning out clusters of berries.