Jupiter Inlet

Welcome to Jupiter Florida! Jupiter is the northernmost town in Palm Beach County, Florida. Jupiter is a beautiful place with very tropical vibes. Jupiter Florida is located by the Atlantic ocean. It is an astonishing town with many activities to do. You can snorkel, boat, and swim in the lovely turquoise water. Jupiter has approximately 3.4 miles of beaches. During the winter, many people visit Jupiter and stay for a long time. This is because the average temperature in winter is 78 degrees. There are many hotels and places these people can stay in. Jupiter is home to a famous lighthouse, fanaminale fishing, fantastic restaurants, and it’s even home to the current president Donald Trump. Many famous people live in Jupiter Florida. This includes: Tiger Woods, the Cardinal baseball team, the Hammerheads, Alan Jackson (singer), Greg Norman (golfer), Michael Jordan (Professional basketball player), Rickie Fowler (golfer), Serena Williams (professional tennis player), etc.


The Town of Jupiter was called Jobe (Hoe-bay) by the Spanish. In 1763, the English arrived in Jupiter. They called the area Jova at the time. Fort Jupiter was built in 1838 after the Seminole Indians won the battle. This battle occurred on the Loxahatchee River. The first Jupiter lighthouse, Postal office, and settlements were built around 1855. The population of Jupiter started growing in the 1900s because schools were being built. In 1925, the Town of Jupiter was integrated. Then, the settlement started to grow. To this date Jupiter Florida is 93 years old.

The weather in Jupiter is usually always sunny,mild. Rain storms don’t last long. If it starts to rain about 15 minutes later it will be sunny. During the summer, the weather is very hot. This is because Florida is very close to the equator. Jupiter has a cool front in winter but it is not as cold as the other states. The wind from the ocean causes the town to be a bit cool but the water temperature causes Jupiter to stay warm. The temperature of the water is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Jupiter is an amazing town to live in.