Gign Opretives geared up

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The Special Forces are military units that are trained to conduct special operation work. Special Forces emerged around the 20th century every major army created Special Forces for behind the scenes work and are devoted to work behind enemy lines. They are also specially equipped for different uses and use unconventional tactics and techniques. Depending on the country they may have airborne operations, counter insurgency, and counter terrorism, covert ops, and man hunting. Some of the forces are GIGIN, GROM the polish, SEAL Team, Spetnaz.The term special forces in the United States refers to the U.S. Army's forces, while the term special operations forces (SOF) refers to all units.Recruiters visit Fort Sill and other installations regularly to find male and female officers and enlisted personnel who think they have the right combination of character and skills to wear the admired Special Forces Green Beret, or to be part of the three other Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) branches.