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American football is a team sport that is played with two teams of eleven men on the field at a time on a rectangular field with goal posts at the end. The goal of each of the teams is to score as many points as possible to outscore the opposing team in order to win the game. American football is the biggest and most popular sport in the United States of America with over a million athletes of all ages playing the sport. The sport is known for many traits such as the aggressiveness on the field since it is a full contact sport and the fast pace of the game since anything could change in a matter of seconds unlike other sports.

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American football is mainly loved because of the violence and aggression present on the field. Tackling a player and blocking players are a requirement to advance play in American football. American football is one of the only sports in the world where full contact is involved. The sport requires a specific skill set depending on which position you are looking at. All players also require basic physical attributes such as being strong, quick, and fast. With these physical traits that the players have it really makes this game very violent and aggressive which entertains the spectators and the players themselves of course.

The amazing part of the game is that it is like a complex equation. You have to solve and figure out what to do on certain formations or the way an offense or defense lines up in order to get to your goal. Many people think that football is a sport that only takes a lot of physical endurance and power however you also need to have the brains to play the game. There are countless formations with plays based on them on both sides of the ball and if you did not study before the big game you might as well not even play. The importance of having a smart game plan and knowing how to execute your plays against the opposing team is critical for a win.