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Welcome to our solar system. It is a vast, beautiful, and dangerous place. Our tour starts with the sun, our star, which lights the sky and provides warmth for us. We continue to Mercury, an icy cold to blazing hot terrain, about the size of the moon. Next up is Venus, a hot, hellish, and volcanic planet. Now we are at Earth, our home planet, in the Goldilocks zone of the solar system. Mars is Earth’s neighbor and the 4th planet from the sun. It is sandy, cold and red. Jupiter is the largest planet from the Sun, and lies between Saturn and the Asteroid belt. Next we arrive at Saturn, otherwise known as the elegant planet. Saturn is known for its beautiful rings of ice. Uranus is a planet that has a tilt of 90 degrees and one ring of ice. And finally, we have Neptune, the 8th planet from the sun. It is a cold, cloudy and blue planet that rains diamonds.