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Wolf House gaming is a Mutiple gaming comunity based around making new friends and playing with them. On this Site you will find the essentials that it took to make the server, such as the bots and roles of the server. Such bots in the server inclued but are not limited to Matbot and Rytham also the server has many roles to chose from. When you join you are a Rookie witch has very few permissions but if you stay a while you will be given the role Member witch has many more permissions than Rookie. For more info on the roles check out the Roles tab. The most used bot on the server is Matbot with his massive use of commands and flexibility he is a perfict fit for our server. Rytham another bot we use ferquently is a bot designed to handle music well and it does a nice job on that part. For indepth info on the Bots got to the Bots tab.