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The New England Patriots were first established on November 16, 1959. Their first season was in 1960, and their record was 5 wins, 9 losses, and 0 ties. Their current stadium is in Foxborough, Massachusetts, its name is Gillette Stadium. The current team colors are Navy Blue, Red, Silver, and White. The name of their mascot is Pat Patriot. Their owner, chairman, and CEO is Robert Kraft, their president is Jonathan Kraft. Robert Kraft has owned them since 1994. Their general manager, and head coach is Bill Belichick. Their team name has changed two times, at first they were called the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970, in 1971 they changed their name to the Bay State Patriots, but in the same year they changed their name to the New England Patriots, which is still their name today.

The Patriots have won many many championships in their time, with most of the championships happening after their quarterback Tom Brady became the starter. Brady has won all of his super bowls with the Patriots. He has played and won in all of the Super Bowl wins that the Patriots have.

Another reason for the amount of championships that the Patriots have won is because of their amazing coach Bill Belichick who has the most super bowl wins out of any other NFL coach. He also has more wins with the Patriots, than any other Patriot coach has had.

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