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Disclaimer: I don't actually believe any of the theories mentioned on this website. I actually just find them humorous or interesting.

Welcome to the world of conspiracy theories and hypotheses that will leave you truly questioning everything! This website was not based on fact, only theories and possible explanations to explain how our world has and does work. From other planets to close encounters and men in black, this website goes deep within the unexplained to try and find a new truth to our inconceivable universe. Extraterrestrials and otherworldly beings have been talked about since the beginning of time, but do we have any proof that they exist? While the answer to this isn't a definite yes, there have been many reports of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. These close encounters still remain unexplained.Alien

Some of the undebunked alien encounters include giant alien spacecraft, usually in a triangular or disc shape, going at an intense speed in the air or hovering over bystanders who can't explain what they saw. Other encounters also include alien life, and describe little alien creatures, usually three to four feet tall creeping up on humans and observing their every action. But some of these encounters go above and beyond strange.

Of all of the alien conspiracies, Roswell is by far the most infamous. Most deem the actual explanation of Roswell to be a coverup, and alien images have surfaced, as well as images of the actual craft. There's no way that a weather balloon could have crashed as hard and fast as the Roswell device did, it had to be something much heavier and faster. And why did it land in a desert area? Was it trying to maintain its stealth by going to somewhere it knew would be unpopulated? Questions like these have kept people and ancient astronaut theorists wondering about the truth for many years, for to be in the truth, you must expose lies by asking questions.

Alien UFO crashes have also left behind strange substances. One report of these substances told of a tin foil like substance that always returned to position when crumbled up. This strange activity was deemed too otherworldly for people to know about, and was hidden until one witness came forward. Alien and UFO conspiracies still ravish the planet today. Do you have an encounter or story you would like to share?

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