Fortnite is currently the fastest growing and most popular game with millions of players. Fortnite is a free Battle Royale game with 100 players per match and many different locations to land on its very large map. However like most battle royale games the map play area is slowly restricted to speed along the game. There are 3 permanent modes in Fortnite Battle Royale which is solo, duo, and squads. Every now and again a limited time mode is added to the game. For example there was the Explosives game mode which was only shields, meds, grenades, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers. Another mode which was my favorite was the snipers only mode which included bolt-action rifles, semi-auto snipers, and revolvers. All of the limited time modes are only for squads however you can put the mode on no fill but you will still be against full squads.