Welcome to “The History of The Nba”. Here you can find information and statistics on recent games, players, The Nba Hall of Fame, Nba legends, etc. Heres one of the legends displayed on this website.

Tim Duncan- Known as one of the most legendary and most known power forwards in nba history. Born Timothy Theodore Duncan, he was born in the Virgin Islands and went to Wake Forest when he was in college here is when he realized his love for the sport of basketball will soon become a reality.

In College, his average stats for every game played was 9.8 PPG, 12.3 TRPG, 2.3 APG, And 3.8 BLKPG which is very extrodinary for a college basketball player.

During his time in the Nba, he was known as The Big Fundemental because of his fundemental skills on the court.

Tim Duncan had won 5 rings, Won multiple championships, and got reconized multiple times by the Big Diesel himself (also known as Shaquille'O Neal). A quote directly from The Big Diesel says as follows "I called him The Big Fundamental because his fundamental skills were perfect,” O’Neal said. “I put him in the same category as Larry Bird. Larry Bird didn’t run fast or jump high, but he’d eat you alive with his fundamentals. That’s what Tim did."

(From the article named Tim Duncan Played The Game That Time Forgot. https://theundefeated.com/features/tim-duncan-played-the-game-that-time-forgot/)


Shaquille O'Neal- Also Known as "The Big Diesel" or "Shaq", he was known for his enforcer behavior on the court and his comedic relief on and off the court. Shaquille was born in 1972 in Newark, NJ and went to college at Louisiana State University and earned the Adolph Rupp Trophy, got named the National Player Of The Year, received the John Wooden Award and set a record total of 115 blocked shots in his college career. Shaquille droped out of college in 1992, so he can focus on the NBA instead of worrying about college.

Shaq began his NBA career as a 1st overall pick for the Orlando Magic in 1992. Shaquille mostly became the comedic relief for the team and slowly became a monster on the court, and a comedic relief off the court which became the norm for his teammates and his fans. Shaquille was known as "The Big Diesel" mostly because of his size and his athletic ability when it came to dunking and sizeing up his match-up on defense and offense.