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drop in The sport of Skateboarding is a worldwide sport. This sport is also inculded in the X-games. There are many skateboarding companies that sell a varity of different products for skating, although many companies are to unknown to make profit but the bigger and more wellknown companies make millions. The more wellknown companies consist of Antihero, Blind Skateboards, Black Box Distribution, Cliche Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Deathwish,Element Skateboards, Etnies, Emerica, Girl Skateboards, Nike SB, Obey, Rip N Dip, Spitfire, Supreme, Shake Junt, Thrasher, and Zoo York.. There is 4.8 billion dollars in revenue for skateboarding products, but most of it is from the actual boards. Once this sport hit the public it grew in population fast, the current amount of skateboarders in the world right now is 11.08 million skaters which includes me. There are two different styles or types of skateboarding which includes street and vert. These two styles involve the same beginner tricks but once it gets to the more sophisticated tricks they are completly differnent. While vert skating you skate ramps or what is called a half pipe, but while street skating you skate stairs, rails, ledges, or boxes. half pipe The image shown to the left shows a ramp called a half pipe. This ramp is for skaters that skate vert or ramps, but before learning any of the cool or complicated tricks, skaters usaully start off learning the trick called the "ollie". This trick involves popping the board up to make the skater get off the ground. Once completed doing the basics vert skaters can do anything they want, involving launching off the ramp to do an air or pumping up and down to get speed. After the "ollie" vert skaters usaully learn to drop into the ramp after. Dropping into a ramp involoves stomping down on the board while in the position to the left. If a skater decides to become a street skater they will usaully skate at street spots, ledges, boxes, rails, stairs, and basically anything that they think is skatable. Street skaters are what make up most of the skating community, they take up about 78% and most of the professional skaters out there are street skaters (about 80% of professionals are street skaters).