Birds are the fourth most common pet in the United States, better yet, the world; and you might be trying to get one. But before you go out and buy one arbitrarily, you need to know what bird is best for you, what they’re like, and how to properly take care of a new feathery friend.

golden conure

Though it can seem fun to be able to play with and relax with a pet bird, that is only one aspect of owning an avian. You need to be prepared to clean out their cage regularly, provide a proper diet, keep them safe, take bites, and get ready for poop. If you don’t properly care for a pet bird, they could become sick and possibly die. No one wants to know that they’ve done that.

There are many types of birds, and each comes with their own attitude and behavior. When I say attitude, I mean it. Birds have a strong attitude and will let you know when they don’t like what you’re doing, primarily by biting.

Now, don’t let what I’m saying deter you from buying a bird, I merely want to inform you of responsibilities that come with bird ownership. I definitely recommend getting a bird, because if properly taken care of, they will become companions for life and become part of the family. Most pet birds live for over 20 years, longer than a dog and a cat, so you shouldn’t spoil that.

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