Chinchillas are playful, friendly, cuddly, and soft, and are very intelligent creatures. From the Chile mountain’s, these cute, fluffy creatures come in many different variations from white, black, grey, and many more. These little fluff balls can handle extreme climates with a special ability, and have a very white unique way of cleaning themselves. Not only are these critters awsome in the wild, but they make extrodinary pets! They are relly easy to take care of, and can be trained easily. You can find all of there supplies at a nearbye petstore, but the animal itself is hard to find. Chincillas are rarley found in pet stores, and even if you do find them in a petstore, I recomend not buying them from them because, you dont know if they could have a disease, and you dont know how old they could be. The best way to find them is by a breeder. Breeders keep the aniamls nice and safe, and they have no diseses, and they will be very young when you buy them. Once you purcase one, make sure you give it love...and hey!, give a try of training it it dosent hurt to try!