Titanic, What happened?


The Titanic has many theories on why it sank. Mirages and moonless night caused the lookouts not to see the iceberg until it was too late, and many more reasons. Also the designers wanting a bigger grand staircase so the bulkheads were lowered. The builders used iron rivets instead of steel rivets for the hull. The designer did not want to have the lifeboats as they would look cluttered.


This was one of the biggest maiden voyage and sadly was the last for Titanic.  The average of 22 miles per hour and it would take 6 days from Britain to New York.  Though he highest speed was 26 miles per hour or 22 knots.  The length of the ship was 882 feet 9 inches, one of the largest boats of its time, the others being the sister ships Olympic and Britannic.

She was built in Belfast, Ireland and the voyage started in Southampton, England then making stops at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown, Ireland. The voyage was supposed to end in New York, but was stopped short because of the Iceberg. The loss of life was 1,503 out of the 2,208 people on board. 705 survived the sinking. One of the main reasons that so many died was that the Titanic could have held 64 lifeboats, but choose to have only 20.

The Captain was Edward John Smith was the most skilled Captain in the White Star, the company that owned the Titanic. He was going to retire after this voyage and when the Titanic sank he went down with it. He was known as the "Millionaires Captain" as he would sail for the rich and sail the maiden voyage.