A black and white photo of the Titanic, taken from the side, sailing on the ocean.


The logo of the White Star Line company.

The RMS (Royal mail Ship) Titanic is most famous for its short life and the many mysteries surrounding it. On its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, New York, this ship, which took a total of two years to construct, was taken down in less than one night. But how? The sinking of the Titanic was due to a staggering number of factors, including weather phenomena, corporate shortcuts, and seemingly inconsequential choices which ended up being fatal to the cruise ship.

Under the watch of Captain Edward Smith, a “millionaire’s captain” for the White Star Line company, the Titanic’s success seemed decided. It would truly be the unsinkable middle sister ship which welcomed all classes and sailed as the picture of grace. However, at 11:39 pm on April 14th, 1912, an iceberg scraped her hull and destroyed not only the side, but the future. More than 1500 lives were lost in this unforeseeable tragedy, and only 706 passengers and crew made it out alive.