Titanic thing

RMS Titanic facts, explanations of how and why the Titanic sunk.

The Titanic’s construction began in 1909. The keel was laid on March 31, 1909, and 3,000 men were used to build the ship. The gantry was 228 feet - the largest gantry in the world at the time. The Titanic cost $7,500,00 to build, which is around $166,000,000 in today’s money.

The Titanic’s construction may or may not be considered a major player in the sinking of the ship, depending on whom you ask. Some may say that the rivets were the fatal flaw in the Titanic’s design. In some places, the design crew used wrought iron #3 rivets instead of steel rivets. When the Titanic sank, it had a giant gash in the side. Some history experts believed that the gash wouldn’t have been there if all steel rivets were used. In other words, the sinking of the titanic could have been prevented if the right rivets and installation process were used.