Titanic thing

RMS Titanic facts, explanations of how and why the Titanic sunk.

Titanic was designed by Thomas Andrews and was built by Harland and Wolff. The ship was owned by Bruce Ismay, former owner of the White Star Line. He wanted to make the ship luxurious as possible and attract mostly wealthy passengers. Titanic had two sister ships, Olympic and Britannic. White Star Line built these ships to challenge the newest ships build by Cunard, a rival company of the White Star Line.

Titanic’s captain, Edward Smith, was arguably the most skilled captain at the time. He took most ships for White Star Line on their maiden voyage. This earned him the name “The Millionaire’s Captain”. His voyage on the Titanic was going to be his last voyage before he retired. Sadly, he went down with his ship.

The Titanic would not have sank if it weren’t for all the small things leading up to it. The launch of the Titanic was delayed and it started to become iceberg season. The crew was shuffled before the Titanic launched, and one of the officers left their binoculars in a locker. This meant that the lookouts had no binoculars to spot icebergs. A southward route was plotted so icebergs would be less frequent, so the lookouts might have not been as vigilant as they should have. The massive loss of life also wasn’t necessary. The lifeboats could hold 65-70 people, and only around 45 boarded each lifeboat.