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On Sunday, April 14th, 1912 the unimaginable happened. A tragedy occurred in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and cost over 1,500 lives. The immense Titanic sank.

Most people have seen the movie Titanic and think they know what happened on this tragic night when the Titanic sunk. Yet many don’t know the real story of the events leading up to this disastrous night. Many people’s lives were lost on this ship sailed by Edward John Smith, the most experienced captain in the White Star Line. This voyage was the captain's last trip and it was the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Sailing at top speed the Titanic was heading straight on for an iceberg. The weather and conditions that night made it harder for the lookouts to spot the iceberg in time to move out of harm's way. With only seconds to react, the crew did not have enough time to steer away from the iceberg and ended up hitting the side of the ship.

Many people think that such a short amount of time resulted in this calamity, while in fact events happening days before resulted in this outcome. Continue reading the information presented in this website to find out what events truly lead up to the sinking of the unsinkable.