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picture of titanic in oceanpicture of titanic in ocean

The titanic disaster was one of the deadliest tradgedies in history. The large ship was said to be unsinkable, but on April 14, 1912, it collided with an iceberg and sunk. It was one of the largest passenger- carrying ships, carrying about 2,224 people at the time of the collision. It caused the death of over 1,500 people, proving it to be one of the worst tradgedies in history. The ship was on its way to New York City from Southampton, crossing the North Atlantic Ocean on a four-day trip. From what we have been told, the reason the titanic sunk is because it collided with an iceberg, but there are many things that happened leading up to it and theories that have very different opinions. After years and years of research, many different theories have been made about it.
Some of these theories have to do with the actual design of the titanic and some have to do with the events that occured during the journey.

We believe the disaster was caused by some of the following things: