The Titanic is a ship that got its reputation for sinking on its first voyage. The ship was created within the span of two years, becoming the biggest and most luxorious ship to ever sail without ever reaching its destination. Many believe that the iceberg that slashed the titanic was the only thing to cause the Titanic to sink, but another question that is greater than the one stated before is, "what caused the titanic to lead into the iceberg?". This is the question that has shaken up the truths of what caused the Titanic to sink, taking many lives along with it.

full view of Titanic

One of the most luxurious ships, the RMS Titanic, sank on April 15th, 1912 sailing from Southhampton, England to New York, New York. The ship carried 2,208 passangers. 1,503 people died, though only 300 dead bodies were found the next morning. Unfortunanetly, the amount of deaths outweighed the number of survivors. There were only 706 passengers and crew members to survive the disaster. iceberg

Edward John Smith was the captain of the Rms Titanic from begginiing to end. The Titanic was supposed to be the last ship Captain Smoth sailed for White Star Line (the company that created titanic) due to the fact that captain smith was going to retire. Captain Smith was chosen to take charge of the Titanic at sea due to how experienced he was. Sadly, Captain Smiths last voyage was with the titanic, the ship sank and him being a loyal captain sunk along with the ship.