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The titanic was the biggest ship at the time is was built, weighing over 50,000 tons and over 800 feet. She was sailing from Britain to America and had a variety of people onboard, from 1st class citizens to 3rd class citizens. Her captain was Edward John Smith, one of the best captains at the time, being one of the attractions of the Titanic. She hit an iceberg on April 14th and took less than 3 hours to sink. More than 1,5oo people died on board, a little more than 2 thirds. She sank in the Atlantic Ocean at around 11:40 PM and was one of the biggest tragedies in history. Some may compare this to the Hindenburg disaster, where the blimp caught on fire and came crashing to the ground, little to no survivors. Additionally to being the biggest ship made at the time, she was also the biggest man made object made up to then, as in the future aircraft carriers and cargo ships would be built, longest being 1,601 feet. Some events that happened on the Titanic were goggles being forgot, so the crew couldn’t see the iceberg.

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Captain Edward John Smith, having over 43 years of experience, was the captain of the titanic and went down with the ship. Some people think the captain ignored iceberg warnings as he was trying to make a record, but this was very false. There was miscommunication with the neighboring ship near the titanic, the California, as they were trying to warn the titanic of an iceberg, but the communication came out of nowhere, scaring the operator, causing him to hang-up. And the operator on the California was off his shift, so there was no way they could communicate. And there were other events that were leading to the eventual sinking of the titanic, such as Mother Nature. When the crew shot off the flares, the smog was messing with the white flares, making them look like stars.