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Home page The RMS Titanic was built in March 31,1909 by two guys named Harland and Wolff.The ship was led by Edward John Smith also known as the millionaires caption. It was called the unsinkable ship because of how it was designed.The RMS Titanic was the second of the three Olympic class ocean liners, the first was RMS olympic and the third was the Britannic.They were the largest vessels of the British shipping company White Star Line’s fleet. Because steel welding was still in its infancy, the colossal steel plate structure of the Titanic needed to be held together by over three million iron and steel rivets, which were hammered into place by hand. However, there were many additional flaws in the design of the ship that had little to do with the quality of the steel used, including compartments that were meant to be watertight, and lack of welding technology. The RMS Titanic set sail on april 10,1911 from southampton to New York city. Four days into voyage the Titanic sinked in the North Atlantic Ocean. 1503 people died and 706 people survive, some say that many more people could have survived if there were more lifeboats. But there were 2,208 people on the ship and only 20 lifeboats that can fit up to 60 people. They were only letting women and children get on the lifeboats and they were only fitting up to 24 people in the lifeboats when they can hold up to 60 people .