The RMS Titanic

The titanic sunk after hitting a iceburg april fourth 1912.There are many myths of how this tradagy happend they way it did but there is only one true way how the so called unsicable ship sank.he night the titanic sank it happed to be a very clear night.the look outs were topost to be able to see a iceburg from 30 minuts away from the ship.But the night the titanic sank it happend to be a marage.What that mans is the horizan was lifed up so the lookouts were not able to see the iceburg until 32 seconds till impact.The caption of the ship tried avoiding the iceburg but there was not enough time.The ship hit the iceburg putting a huge hole in the side of the ship.The titanic only stayed afloat for 2 hours after that the ship went to the ocean floor.

fun facts

  1. Deaths Between 1,490 and 1,635   
  2. Dates Apr 14, 1912 – Apr 15, 1912
  3. Were Atlantic Ocean
  4. What happen? The Titanic sank on the night of 14 April through to the morning of 15 April 1912 in the North Atlantic was a four-day trip from Southampton to New York City.
  5. How it happened a Collision with an iceberg
  6. Who has the blame of the titanic sinking? Captain Smith
  7. How cold was the water? about 28 degrees Fahrenheit
  8. Where is the titanic now? 12,500 feet down in the ocean southeast off the coast of Newfoundland.
  9. How many survivors? 706
  10. How long did it take to die in the cold water? 15-to-45 minutes
  11. How many bodies were found 306  
  12. The Titanic was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast
  13. video
  14. Bruise is men is the chairmen of white star lines
  15. Arc texture company is Harland and wolf
  16. Chief designer is alexander Charlie
  17. Lowered bulk heads which caused it to sink faster
  18.  “people don’t pay to look at life boats”
  19. April 1910 construction starts in Belfast Ireland
  20. Edward john smith is the most experienced caption in white star lines
  21. April 2 titanic leaves Belfast Ireland and goes to England were they pick up most of their passengers and crew
  22. Bair is asked to leave the ship and he accidently brought the key with him
  23. 48 life boats can hold 3120 people
  24. Leaves south hamtion April tenth 1912
  25. They were traveling is around 300 miles going 22 mph
  26. He goes further south
  27. Unusual weather pattern lets icebergs go further south
  28. The weather is flat calm night no wind
  29. There was no moon out when they crashed
  30. Some rivets are iron some are steel
  31. They are weak rabbits
  32. The side was weaker than the front
  33. The bulk heads being lowered also caused the ship sink