The RMS Titanic Tragedy


Why did the titanic sink you may ask was it due to design, poor conditions or was the crew to blame? The RMS Titanic was one of the biggest ships at the time being 900ft long and 100ft high also it was thought to be the fastest at time with going to speeds as much as 30 knots. Titanic was a maiden voyage that held 2,206 people and 896 crew. At 12:00 noon Titanic left Southampton, England on its maiden voyage goes to Cherbourg, France at 7:00 pm where the crew was ready to board. Leaves Cherbourg and goes to France, and Queenstown, Ireland, where she picks up her passengers. She eventually leaves Queenstown and sets sail to New York

Titanic scraped the side of an ice berg on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm that would tear open compartments that would ultimately lead the titanic sinking in less than 3 hours. Titanic then sank approximately 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland (41°43.5'N 49°56.8.W). The ship broke in two as the titanic sank the separation between both halves happened between the 2nd and 3rd cylinders on the ship. 31.6% of the crew and passengers survived the other 68.4% went down with the ship

Captain John Smith Captain Edward smith was knows as a “millionaire’s captain” because he was a well-trained and experience captain as well as and British Navy officer that was on many white star line ships. Edward Smith was born on January 27, 1850, in Hanley Staffordshire, united kingdom, Edward Smith attended the Etruria British School until the age of 13 which then he went to Liverpool to begin his sea captain carrier. He joined white star in 1880 gaining his first ship command in 1887 witch then he would command the Republic, the Coptic, Majestic, Adriatic, Olympic, and Baltic. Smith gained a reputation for his flamboyance among the crew and passengers. It became a routine for him to command the newest ships in the company. Therefore he commanded the titanic which unfortunately sank on April 15,1912 where smith went down with the ship and died by drowning by the uncalled fate.

Born: January 27th, 1850 |Hanley Staffordshire England
Died: April 15th, 1912 | Titanic Disaster
Age: 62 years
Gender: Male
Married: Eleanor
Occupation: Ship Captain