sinking ship

What actually happened to titanic?

Have you ever wonder what actually happened to the titanic and why? In April, Titanic sunk all because of hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. There are many different reasons why titanic sunk. There is also many ways it could’ve been solved so it wouldn’t have sunk. Titanic was one of the biggest, fastest, and maiden voyages in history. Titanic sailed from Southampton, England in the afternoon, on April 10th 1912. She hit the iceberg on April 14th, 1912, in the North Atlantic.

There 600 people as crew and 1500 people as passengers. 1,503 people in all died during this unfortunate event. The only way they could escape being a part of the titanic sinking to the bottom is by lifeboats. The lifeboats mainly held Women and children and only a couple men.

When leaving the port a small coal fire was detected but was not taken into any serious consideration. They mainly hosed it down, then informed the captian. After the fact, both the captian and cheif engineer concluded that it did not do any damage and they were ready to launch. The rest of the time at see the stokers controlled the fire so it didnt know the fire most likel damaged part of the outside interior of the ship.

What they didn't know on the titanic is that they were in iceberg infested water. The information about that never got to the captain. So that is another problem that could've saved the Titanic. Titanic has been such as tragic event that it made itself into countlss books, articles, and even films.