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Due to many reasons, April 14, 1912, the once unsinkable ship, named the RMS Titanic, was struck by an iceberg at around 11:40 pm. Just before this incident, Edward John Smith, the captain, was quickly given the warning, “Iceberg Right Ahead!”, from one of the lookouts from the crows nest.

With a capacity of 2,206 people, including 898 crew members from various places, it finally made its way from Southampton to New York. Without enough lifeboats or proper drills for this kind of situation, bedlam quickly broke out. Women and children from first class were piled onto many lifeboats, and were later rescued by the ship named Carpathia, while the others were forced to their death in the freezing water. Before sinking to the bottom of the ocean, the vessel snapped in half.

With many different problems, at sea and during design, even with the help of the “Millionaire's Captain” Edward John Smith, the ship still went down. There were many different reasons that may have happened on that night and even before that could have caused this terrible incident.