Iceberg Image

Around 11:40 pm on April 14th, 1912 Titanic struck the one million pound iceberg that made the “unsinkable” ship, sink. The huge ship was owed by a company called White Star and the sinking was the first of three at the time.

The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most well-known tragedy of all time. Of the 2100 people on board, 1500 people perished in the sinking. There are many factors that may have played a role in the sinking of the Titanic. There are also many different theories as to why and who was at fault. The Titanic had a short but interesting history leading up to the tragic moment on April 14th, 1912. From design and construction to what happened on the ocean, many decisions were made that may have cost the lives of so many that night.

The ship was planned to head to New York in 7 days going 19 knots, or 22 miles per hour. At the time this speed was normal even though going that fast may have not been ideal when there were icebergs. They sailed in mid April, in which there were the most icebergs in the year. The Titanic was led by Captain Edward John Smith also known as the “millionaires captain”. Smith changed the course to go further south to avoid as many icebergs as possible. By doing this, Smith believed hitting an iceberg wasn’t a likely possibility since no iceberg has ever been seen that far south. However, five warning messages were sent out about the icebergs that were near the Titanic but Smith only received two. He still went further south to be safe.

Many people have theorized that the construction of the ship has to do with why it sank in a little over two hours. The Titanic was one of the largest ship of her time. The ship was 883 feet in length and weighed about 52,310 tons and of that, there was 20,000 tons of steel. Many people believed that some of the construction and methods used to build the ship may have contributed to the ship sinking so quickly. For the curved parts of the ship, iron had to be used instead of steel. However steel is stronger than iron. The ship was built like a battleship.

Image of Passengers Boarding Titanic

In addition to the construction, the design of the ship may have had some flaws. The ship was designed by Harland and Wolff, a company owed by Alexander Carlile. They teamed up with Bruce Ismay (owner of White Star) to make design decisions about Titanic. This is a meeting that cost the lives of so many.

Furthermore, all the action happened at sea. The weather conditions, tools, and even the possible rescue were all more contributions to the sinking of titanic. Some theorize that the iceberg wasn’t visible due to weather, but others blame the crew. The binoculars were absent from the crows nest and thus there is debate if they were there that it may have helped them. There were only 16 lifeboats which wasn’t enough for the amount of people on the ship, but were there still more seat in the lifeboats as they left the sinking ship? Were there other ships that could have helped them and if so, why didn’t they? Everything that happened at sea can only be determined from our knowledge of what happened. For example, we have little knowledge on what the impact was like and how the situation was handled, but we know survivors and witness testimonies, which we can use as clues as what actually happened.

All in all, the Titanic has many mysteries and many secrets. Some of the most important questions are why did it sink? Was there one thing at fault or was it a combination of mistakes? These are questions with no answers because there is no proof as to what actually happened on that terrible night.