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The Titanic was a ship that was originally the biggest ship of its time which had caused it to be very popular. The Titanic's main purpose and goal was to carry passengers from Southampton, England to New York which would have taken 7 days if the ship would not have sunk. There where many myths and theories of why the titnaic had sank. People are manly curios because the Titanic had the nickname of the ship that couldn't be sunk. The main reason the Titanic had sunk was because it had hit an iceberg on its side causing a water to flood in and eventually making the ship split into two peice's and both plumiting to the bottom of the sea floor in the 28 degrees water and it lays there 2.4 miles under water or 12,600 feet. At this point the Titanic is in two peice's and each are about 1,970 feet away from each other. I have provided a picture with a link to where I got some of my information.