Titanic Header Picture


Titanic PictureThe titanic was a huge cruise ship and the most luxurious boat at its time. It was also the biggest. After all the years it took to construct and build, she was ready for her voyage. On April 10, 1912, one of the most mysterious events ever happened. The titanic was ready to set sail at 12:00p.m. Coming from Britain to New York, on April 14, nobody thought they were in danger at all. After 4 hours, the titanic hit an iceberg and took 2 hours to sink down, taking the lives of over 1,500 people. Although this happened, they said the titanic was unsinkable. During the crash, at 2:15 the ship’s stern was submerged at an 80 degree angle in the water. 2 minutes later, all power on the ship had failed. Through this horrible event, 700 out of 2,200 people were saved. More people could have been saved but one of the people related to the creation of the titanic did not want so many lifeboats on the ship because it would look too cluttered.