Sinking Ship1

The titanic was a mighty ship that held 2,200 people to 3,000 people but only 705 people survived. Owned by white star which at the time was a huge company at the time and was built by Harland and White. Back in 1912 the ship costed $7.5 million and now costs $174 million. When it crashed people thought it could have been avoided at the time but no one truly knows why it was so late to turn.

    Fun Facts

  • 2 workers were killed while building the Titanic
  • It needed 20 hourses to transport the main anchor
  • They used 14,000 galons of drinking water every 24 hours
  • There was 1,000 bottles of wine on board
  • 3 out of the 4 smokestaks worked, the 4th was to make the shop look more impresive
  • The titanic was the only ocean liner that sank by an iceburg
  • The most expensive ticket for the titanic was $4,350 which is about $69,600 in todays money

 Sinking Ship 2