What was the Titanic? The Titanic was a British passenger liner that was part of a trio of ships owned by White Star Line. Her captain was named Edward J. Smith, who was also known as The Millionaires Captain. She was 882 feet and 9 inches long and weighed 825 tons. The titanic cost $7,500,000 ($181,074,000 today) to make and tickets sold from $150 (about $1700 today) for a simple berth, up to $4350 ($50,000 today) for one of the two Parlour suites, second class tickets were $60 (around $700) and third class passengers paid between $15 and $40 ($170 today). The designer of the Titanic was Alexander Carlisre and the company that created titanic was named Harland and Wolff. It was nicknamed the unsinkable ship, until disaster happened. Only a small percentage of passengers survived.

This site will go through each detail of the Titanic, how it sank, who survived, the aftermath, and more! I hope this site is helpful for your own learning and understanding of this tragic event.