The Titanic - A Tragic Mystery


The titanic sank by hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, on the Transatlantic Railway, on April 15, 1912. She had been getting iceberg warnings all night, and was near the Californian when she went down. Of the many problems, she had

  • No binoculars in the crow’s nest
  • Not enough lifeboats for everyone to use
  • And a mirage effect that didn’t allow the crew to see the iceberg well enough to alert any of the captains.
  • These and many more problems caused the titanic to eventually scrape the side of the iceberg, and caused it to sink 2 hours after it struck.

It was the first time titanic had gone out on the water. She left from Southampton, UK and was going to head to New York City. Her captain was Edward Smith, who was known as many as the “millionaire's captain” because he was the most experienced member of the cruise line. Some people would even change their itineraries so that they could be on a ship captained by him!

She was known to many as a “unsinkable ship”, because more than 4 of her compartments had to flood in order to flood. Because of this, some of the people on board thought that the ship could not sink, and were not alerted by anything that happened. Most of the people did not think anything of the shake because of them hitting the iceberg.