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The Titanic was known to be one of the biggest ships of her time, considered “unsinkable”. Well one night a tragedy occurred, she scraped a 1 million pound iceberg on her side creating a hole in the ship. She was 883 feet long and weighed 52,310 tons. It cost about 174 million dollars today. The ship was holding 2,100 people in the North Atlantic Ocean heading to New York City. The captain of Titanic was Edward John Smith. He was known as the “Millionaires Captain.” Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912 and sank through April 14-April 15 1912. On the titanic over 1,500 people died and about 600 people survived. This beauty only had 16 lifeboats at the time which was legal. There’s also a big controversy about whether decisions during the design and construction of Titanic contributed to why she sank so quickly. For example their decision to take out more lifeboats so that it would look better, but having those lifeboats.

The company that owned Titanic was White star and the chairman who was the owner of Titanic was Bruce Ismay. The people who designed and built the Titanic were Harland and Wolff Company. Bruce Ismay was aboard the Titanic when she was sinking, but he managed to survive. Many people have arguments on how the beauty went down. One controversy among people is that there was a problem in the construction of the ship. Also some people blame the sinking of the Titanic on the crow's nest, the people who were supposed to look out for things on the ocean. There was also a big problem with binoculars. Many people argue whether the absence of binoculars for the lookouts contributed to the reason why the Titanic hit an iceberg.

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The water was a contributing factor to why many people who couldn’t make it on to a lifeboat also died. The temperatures were dropping and the clear night was becoming a chilly one. The temperature of the water when people fell in was 28 degrees farenheit just below freezing. So many people who fell into the water died because of hypothermia. When the Titanic first hit the iceberg people were not in a rush to get on lifeboats because the captain made it seem like it was no big deal. Captain Smith didn’t want to worry the passenger but if he told them earlier to get on lifeboats then it would have been less chaotic and rushed. Also people this could be one of the reasons why the titanic sank so fast was because a fire began and lasted almost the entire trip before they left belfast. There was believed to be a fire going on the whole time and the worst part of that was it was in the charcoal holding tank.