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Titanic was a ship that sunk by hitting a iceberg on Monday,April 14th,1912 the captain on the ship was Edward John Smith.The ship was about $7.5 million US dollars.Around 1,503 out of 2,208 people died on the titanic,the ship was going 25 mph ships like Caronia,Baltic,Californian and Amerika reported ice,at 10:50 pm Californian sent a message to Titanic saying they were gonna stop for the night and they were surrounded by ice,Jack Phillip responded with "shut up.Shut up.You're jamming my signal.im busy.im working Cape Race." Titanic left Southampton,England on Wednesday,April 10,1912 at 12:00 noon then at 7:00pm the titanic stops at Cherbourg,France.At 9:00 pm Titanic left Cherbourg and set sail to Queenstown,Ireland and set sailed for New York.On the waythe ship hit a iceberg and sank on Monday,April 14th,1912